Our Services

Structural modelling

We use latest software programs to simulate 3D models of components and assemblies. We calculate loads based on international standards and project specifications. We try as much as possible to optimize the materials taking into account all the safety factors such as load factors, material safety factor, fabrication and installation tolerances, thermal expansion, etc. Also, we try to facilitate the installation on site which will reduce the labor cost of the facade.

Structural calculations

During the early design stages of the facade, we develop preliminary calculations to estimate the sections of the members, glass thicknesses, loads on the primary elements. As the project progresses, we review all the structural submittals  for compliance with project specifications and client requirements.

Environmental assessment

We assess the environmental conditions of the project in order what is the best type of material to use which can well perform during the service life of the building.

Sample Mockups

We create actual samples of facades during the design stage. This can help the client, architect and facade subcontractor to evaluate better the visual appearance of the materials.

Material testing

We witness or provide testing of materials in order to ensure that the materials provided or installed will meet the project specifications. For example, liquid penetration test or destructive test can performed on the welding of a bracket in order to make sure that it can withstand the loads.

Conceptual facade design

We work with architects to create facade concepts which meet the client requirements. We produce 2D and 3D drawings, hand sketches and rendering. Also, preliminary structural calculations can be done to confirm that the design is structurally feasible.

Suppliers recommendation

Due to the diversity of brands for the same material, we study all the options in terms of availability, cost and specification. We provide the client with a comparative matrix which suits the project conditions and performance requirements.

Construction drawings

Each project and client requires a different level of drawings. We provide detailed plans, sections, elevations, blow up details, 2D & 3D drawings for each item in the project.

Calculation notes

Our extensive experience in the construction industry give us the prowess to prepare calculation notes for aluminum, glazing and steel systems based on international standards. We prepare the design of: stick and unitized curtain wall, doors and windows, glass and steel canopies, louvers, balustrades, glass stairs, glass floors, structural glazed facade, aluminum composite panels.

Submittal document review

Our team is expert in providing review on drawings, structural calculations, thermal calculations, material submittal and method statements for facade elements. We carefully audit the submittals to ensure they comply with the tender documents, specifications and contract.

Field inspections/testing

During/after the course of construction, we execute field inspections to confirm that the facade elements are in compliance with the approved submitted documents. We will attend pre-inspection meetings then visit the site periodically in order to monitor the installation of the building envelope. Field tests are conducted to make sure that the facade is within the specified performance standards. These tests can be load impact test, water tightness test, operating tests, etc.

Forensic investigation

Investigating facade failures is a specialty that comes from years of experience and knowledge. Our team of engineers will assess the overall conditions to determine the cause of the facade failures. Once the failures have been defined, remedial actions are taken in order to restore the facade to meet the acceptable standards.


We prepare detailed program schedule for the fabrication, production, logistics and installation of facade elements. We utilize advanced software that is updated on a weekly basis. The schedule is based on task completion counts, productivity achieved and forecasted changes.

Facade thermal performance

As modern facades are becoming more complex in terms of performance, thermal analysis will be a challenge. We provide thermal study for the different elements of the facade using the latest software’s taking into account the internal and external environmental conditions of the project.