About Betra Eng

Betra Eng aims to promote global innovation in building envelope. Since 2014, our engineering firm has been focused on merging imagination to realize new ideas with a complete solution for architectural development needs.

Our firm is comprised of facade specialists with unique backgrounds in product design, material applications, facade architecture and curtain wall engineering. From the beginning of our career, we have been partnering directly with contractors, architects, consultants and developers.

We provide facade consulting services to architects, building owners, developers and facade subcontractors. We offer a wide range of services for the full building life cycle with the goal of helping clients execute ambitious architectural visions.

We perform analysis and design services for all phases of building fa├žade design and construction. We help project teams realize state-of-the-art, constructable and sustainable facade solutions that address project design, function, budget and scheduling goals.

Our knowledge of international codes and standards allows us to offer reliable engineering consulting services and develop compliant designs based on the client requirements. Having worked in engineering design and consultancy firms, we are able to consider construct ability of the elements of the facade when designing and reviewing designs by others.

We lead by example through devoted work ethic, high ethical standards and unrelenting innovation. Our team brings a diverse background of experience related to facade design, architecture and engineering. We believe in creating an environment that fosters collaboration, leaving space for an open dialogue where staff can exchange ideas and concepts that ultimately enhance our performance and the results we are able to produce.